Catherine Corless 2022

Catherine Corless – recipient of the 2022 Bruff Fitzgerald Bible Award

“For the values of humanity Catherine exemplifies and for the difference she has has made to the world.”

The Bruff Fitzgerald Bible Award has been awarded to many of Ireland’s leading campaigners and leading citizens in the past. This year it is our pleasure to celebrate the work of Catherine Corless.

Catherine Corless arrives to Bruff as one of Ireland’s heroes. For this quiet, unassuming woman took on the establishment in the Tuam Baby Scandal and won. Shocked by the negligent disregard over the years of the bodies of the children in the Bon Secours Mother and Baby Home, Catherine has successfully placed these previously forgotten infants into the mainstream. 

The Bruff Fitzgerald Bible Award has previously been awarded to luminary citizens such as Micheál O’Muircheartaigh, Vicky Phelan, Sr. Stanislaus etc., and symbolises the gratitude and respect felt by the people of our locality towards an individual who has made a hugely beneficial contribution to all our lives. Awarded by Bruff Heritage Group based in the Fitzgerald Heritage Centre, Bruff, this year’s award celebrates the tireless work and research by Catherine Corless.

Catherine Corless is an amateur historian who, through her research, uncovered one of the scandals of our past. Refusing to take no for an answer, she tirelessly worked for the children who had been forgotten about and is an example to us all of what can be achieved when humanity is our driving force. As such, it is our pleasure to bestow this award to Catherine.

Catherine Corless, the Mayor of Limerick and elected representatives will be in attendance in the Fitzgerald Centre, Bruff on September 14th at 7pm for her acceptance of the Bruff Fitzgerald Bible Award.

The event will be free to attend and can be booked via Event Brite

Or by contacting us through social media.

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